MonPère – The Sleeping Pillow Of Your Dreams

While on holiday, we want to be relaxed, but that  is not always easy – especially if you’re on an airplane for 10 hours straight. Sylvain Bérubé, a Montréal-based sports therapist and trainer, has been developing a solution over the past two years: a new breed of sleeping pillow. It has got the shape oft two hands holding you while sleeping – sounds cosy! In our interview with Slyvain we talked about what challenged him most throughout the time, why the pillow is called „MonPère“ and what the next steps will be with his innovative product.

Sylvain, you got the idea for the MonPère sleeping pillow on a journey to Hawaii? Tell us your story!

A few years back, my wife and I were travelling with our daughter in Hawaii. We were doing a lot of roadtrip around the state. As most young kids do they fall asleep during travels, well, our situation wasn't different. As I saw my daughter's head being bent forward I couldn't help but feel responsible for her discomfort. As a massage therapist and fitness trainer, health is extremely valuable to me and my loved ones. Therefore I started thinking about a way to hold the head tight, comfortably and in any sleeping position. 2 years and a half later we developped MonPère. 

Why is it called „Mon Père“, which means „My Dad“?

We named our invention in honor of our daughter who was the center of this project and still is our very best tester.

What challenged you most when setting up the business?

Our   biggest challenge was to find the right material that would allow the MonPère to bend at all time and still keep it's comfortable feeling.  Naturally that goes without saying that we worked hard to ensure that it stays as light as possible to make it easy to carry everywhere. 

What makes your pillow so unique compared to others?

Naturally, the shape of MonPère is it's first advantage. Because of the strength that the fingers offer, you can hold your head in any sleeping position and because of the arm you can place it anywhere. Therefore the combination between the right material and the shape makes it perfect for anybody sitting or laying down. 

What are your plans for the German and/or European market? Are u looking for potential partners to enter there?

Yes we are entering in conversations with various distributors and exploring our options so it's our perfect time to look for potential partners in Europe and Germany.

Which part(s) of leading a business is valued the most in Montreal when it comes to investors or partners?

In Montreal, investors are mostly looking for 3 things: the team comes first, which we worked hard on gathering the right talents, then the barriers to entry and finally the scalability. In our case we filled every patent to ensure our safety and are already looking to develop new products to launch. We are passionate about making people comfortable during their travels.

As your Kickstarter campaign is already live, what are your expectations on the campaign and what will be the next steps afterwards?

Our Kickstarter campaign is now over and we are on InDemand Indiegogo. We are expecting to start delivering at the end of March so we are working hard on making sure everything is set for success.

Thanks to Sylvain for the interview! If you want to know more about the MonPère sleeping pillow or if you want to preorder (earlybirds get discounts), click here.