SafeLive – Senior resident safety monitoring

A start-up that can save lifes. This is what Dr. Alexandru Tantar, Hannes De Wachter and Dr. Emilia Tantar are aiming for with their start-up Black Swan LUX. In 2015, they created SafeLive – a solution that allows seniors to live independently for longer by turning a smart watch into a guardian angel. Nursing staff and caretakers automatically receive notifications when their patients are in distress or need help. SafeLive especially helps older people who need to be taken care of around the clock. Emilia explained to us how their product works.


Emilia, what is the SafeLive app?

In essence, SafeLive is a guardian angel app, using a smart watch and a smart phone. During the first three weeks of wearing the watch, SafeLive “gets to know” the person and builds a profile, like a mathematical model. It’s artificial intelligence at your wrist. Once the model is set, SafeLive starts triggering automatic alerts when the user is in distress or deviates from their usual habits, for example when people suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia go wandering and get lost.

Does your target group represent mostly people at an advanced age?

Yes, mainly. We started our proof of concept in nursing homes with 22 people over the age of 60. Our study went over one year and we had great results with close to 100% accuracy. SafeLive was even able to trigger alerts that staff may not have picked up on, when people really did not feel well and suffered emotional stress, but there were no visible signs. With conventional panic buttons, the wearer needs to trigger the alarm themselves, and this is often not possible when you suddenly fall down or have a cardiac arrest. SafeLive automatically sends an alarm when the user needs help, but it also offers the possibility to manually issue an alert when needed. It’s intelligent, discreet and reliable.

Can you explain your product – the smart watch – in a bit more detail?

In fact, the watch is just a generic smart watch, it can be, for example, an LG or a Samsung smartwatch. SafeLive runs in the background and does not minimize the functionality of the watch; the user simply wears it and the caretaker receives the alerts. For this, we have developed an application on which you can see incoming alerts, including location, the person's heart rate and if they are wearing the watch or not. The wearer can choose up to five people who can see their alerts and when they receive an alert and those selected persons can see the context. For example, when a patient falls you receive an alert indicating the fall, which is the same indicative information for an abnormal heart rate.


Are there any concerns about data privacy?

We have developed the solution according to the highest standards of data privacy and following the principle of privacy by design: no data is stored on the app. SafeLive simply sends alerts – but never personal data – from the watch to the app, which acts as an interface for the nursing homes. Also, we do not allow tracking; the context including location is only accessible when an alert is triggered.

When is the SaveLife app going to be available on the market?

SafeLive entered the B2B market late spring and we currently have four business partners who have implemented the solution, with a few more in the pipeline. Ultimately, SafeLive will be available to the general public and we hope to launch our consumer app in the coming months.

Are you currently looking for additional investors?

In order to support our European distribution growth, we aim for a Series A investment round by end of Q4 2017, beginning of Q1 2018.

What is the most positive feedback you’ve received so far from SafeLive users?

When we successfully concluded the pilot in one of the nursing homes, the pilot users actually were unwilling to hand the watches back in. SafeLive offered them freedom, independence and peace of mind. They considered SafeLive to be a personal guardian angel and they could not imagine being parted with it. Their reaction confirmed that there is a market for SafeLive and proves that it makes a tangible difference to people’s lives.

What are the next big steps for SafeLive?

The most important next step is to launch SafeLive for the general public, and make this solution available to everyone who needs to feel safe. This could be seniors, but also people who are sometimes isolated (at home, or when doing sports or running in the forest, for example) and who would like to have the ability of an automatic alert in case of an emergency.

Over the past decade, our team of AI and security experts and researchers have been developing and fine-tuning the unique “anomaly detection engine” that lies at the core of SafeLive. Ultimately, as researchers, we want to have a positive social impact on society. SafeLive is just one concrete application, but the potential of the algorithm is endless.

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